Tampa, Orlando Home & Office Window Film – How To Decide?

One of the factors that consumers have to address when selecting window film is whether to have a reflective coating or a non-reflective coating applied to their windows and sliders.

This is particularly important for the aesthetic appearance of the windows from the exterior perspective.

Reflective films: More accurately today’s film is actually dual reflective. The exterior appearance is reflective while the interior is less reflective; enabling unobstructed views day or night.

Reflective films provide additional daytime privacy than the non reflective choices. These films are typically safe for dual pane non tempered glass as well as single pane annealed glass.

There are many choices of security solar films that can economically protect your home from smash and grab while lowering cooling costs.

Advanced Film Solutions has a wide portfolio of dual reflective films manufactured by Eastman Chemicals.

These choices include Vista Film and LLumar in light transmissions that range from very dark to light.

Non-reflective Films:

Non reflective films are ideal for deed restricted communities, condominiums and any home where a reflective appearance is not preferred.

Ceramic coatings like Huper Optik are designed to keep out heat without altering the look of the glass. These films are factoring out visible light as well as IR wavelengths.

All Advanced Film Solutions installations have a lifetime warranty and our team of installers has earned our company eight straight Super Service Awards from Angie’s List

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  1. I have always wondered why office buildings use reflective window films and window tinting. Your information that reflective films allow for more privacy during the day as well as block some of the sun so you can have cooler indoor temperatures is really helpful. It makes me wonder if commercial window tinting is applied before or after they are installed in the building.

    • advancedfilmfl

      March 7, 2019 at 12:32 pm

      Well actually window film can be installed before or after although 99% of the time it’s after once they recognize that their tinted glass just handling the heat load.

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