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Window Tinting Fact Check. Consumer Awareness Starts Here

With the political campaigns in full swing most consumers are aware that various claims and statements made by candidates are not always factually correct.

The same can be said for window film statements made by various representatives and agents for window film companies.

Fortunately consumers can get detailed performance characteristics thanks to the NFRC which is a quasi-governmental agency that is the repository for factual, lab tested specifications for leading window film brands.

The NFRC (Click here) was developed to demonstrate accuracy in light of the anticipated energy savings that would eventually lead to Energy Star ratings.

While the intention of window film manufacturers to comply with the strict testing data imposed is admirable, an unintended virtue of the NFRC is to dispel numerous exaggerations frequently espoused during competitive sales calls and demonstrations.

Advanced Film Solutions is one of Florida’s leading commercial and residential window film installation companies.

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We remain steadfast in highlighting factual performance expectations and real-world film comparisons.

Here are a few examples:

IR Hype

3M Window Film dealers are known to confuse heat rejection results with Infrared filtering statistics.

For example they may claim that their Prestige Film series stops 97% of the heat from entering your windows no matter how light the film may be.

In the case of Prestige 70 the actual NFRC rating for total solar energy is 50%.

Frankly 50% heat rejection is fairly good for such a light film transmission; so where is the disconnect?

IR heat blocking films like Prestige and Huper Optik do filter out a large percentage of the IR wavelengths but IR wavelengths only effect 50% of total solar energy (Heat)

The remaining portion of heat is a factor of visible light being filtered.

If 70% of the visible light is being transmitted than a large proportion of heat is not being rejected.

On Angle Hype

To further obfuscate the NFRC rated performance a 3M agent may insist that their film performs better at an angle. They may imply that this improved heat rejection is unique to their film.

Here again this is complete nonsense.

All window films and glass itself performs exactly the same way. There is no advantage whatsoever.

Heat Lamp Trick:

If a 3M dealer wants to demonstrate an illusion of heat rejection they may employ a heat lamp that blasts large amounts of IR wavelength. They may compare a coated piece of glass and compare that to a clear glass pane or a darker coating that does not filter IR wavelengths. This gimmick gives the illusion that a lighter film like Prestige 70 can block more heat than a darker silver type film.

The facts are that a darker silver film will block 80% of the total solar energy versus the 50% stated above. The visible light is reflected in the case of reflective films.

The trick is compelling but nevertheless it remains a trick.

Advanced Film Solutions represents Eastman Chemical and their portfolio of Vista, LLumar, Huper Optik coatings.

We can also do the David Copperfield illusion or make unqualified statements about angles and IR heat rejection but we choose not to do so.

We prefer facts.

Documented performance and results.

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Practical, Affordable, Innovative Low E EnerLogic Window Film Vs. Thinsulate

EnerLogic Low E Window Film was launched by Eastman Chemicals back in 2010 in a 35% light transmission. This incredible all season window film revolutionized the decades old window film industry and provided a huge competitive advantage over our 3M competition.

The EnerLogic 35 filters out 76% of the total solar energy and a remarkable winter U Value that insulates the glass maintaining an interior glass temperature that equates to 93% of the winter room temperatures.


In 2011 Eastman augmented the portfolio with the EnerLogic 70. This virtually clear all weather window film was nearly invisible and set a new gold standard for Low E films particularly when the objective is to drive comfort all year round without changing the look of your windows.

Throughout these six years our 3M competition promoted their 30 plus year old Low E film that had only 1/3 the winter capability of EnerLogic and was available in narrow widths with a paltry 5 year warranty (EnerLogic is lifetime)

The consumer and commercial markets were incredibly enthused with this product and the summer and winter benefits as well as the ROI that EnerLogic 35 (for Florida homes and businesses) delivered.

Our team has installed EnerLogic on a diverse number of residential and commercial applications throughout these six years and the Eastman technical team has compiled numerous Case Studies and White Papers outlining the performance characteristics of these innovative films.

Recently 3M launched their version of a light 75% transmission Low E film.


Their Thinsulate 75 (Tint So Late) has less summer heat rejection than our EnerLogic 70 and far less heat rejection than the affordable EnerLogic 35.

EnerLogic has a better ROI and price point and the thousands of documented installations, NFRC ratings and real-world use over their new product is remarkable.

If you are researching Low E window Film and would like a free estimate or comparison between EnerLogic Low E Film and 3M Thinsulate call our office toll free at 877-575-3456

We’ve learned a thing or two since 2010.

Advanced Film Solutions

Innovation, Ingenuity, Technology

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Innovative Vs. Commodity Window Film. Understanding The Differences.

It’s a classic argument that many industries face.


How does a savvy consumer determine the difference between a generic window film and a quality innovative window film?

At the dawn of window film back in the 1960’s many of the solar window films failed thanks to dyes that were not built for the long haul. These coatings would change color (purple) and the adhesive would fail in a short period of time.

You might think that given 50 years no reputable window film manufacturer would make a film that turns purple; but you’d be incorrect.

There are to this day window films that are made with dyed coatings.

They are short lived but cheap.

There are also corners that can be cut when a window film manufacturer wants to make a low cost window film.


There are cheaper types of polyester which is the very foundation of a innovative window fim. Cheaper poly has more haze which is a critical attribute for window film.’

There are less expensive adhesives. The cheaper adhesives will fail, bubble or peel.

There are less expensive ways to metalize a film.

Eastman Chemicals manufactures highly innovative and superior quality window film.

These coatings are designed to stay effective for decades. The performance characteristics have been tested (NFRC) and their standards are the highest ISO ratings.

Advanced Film Solutions with offices in tampa, orlando and Sarasota installs these Eastman Films under the brands, LLumar, Vista. Huper Optik and FormulaOne.

Florida homes and businesses are faced with a constant heat, glare and UV challenge and getting the best results and a lifetime of comfort demand the innovation and ingenuity of Eastman!

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IR Heat Blocking Window Film, Facts & Fiction

Today’s consumers can enjoy the benefits of IR heat blocking window film thanks to advances in thin film technology and in particular nanotechnology.

The technical aspects aside there are confusing statements frequently made that tend to misrepresent the efficacy of these films.

Advanced Film Solutions promotes Eastman ceramic films, notably the patented Huper Optik films.  These films are available in numerous light transmissions from dark to invisible.

3M offers their Prestige series which is limited to lighter 40% – 70%

The confusion generally results from the distinction between IR wavelengths and visible light wavelengths of Sun’s electromagnetic energy.

50% of heat is produced by the visible light spectrum and roughly the same amount of heat is produced by the invisible IR wavelengths.


A window film that can block 100% of the IR wavelengths (there is no such animal by the way!) would still allow 50% of the visible light heat unless some mechanism was used to lower the visible light transmission.

This is a very important clarification because many misinformed window film people highlight the IR wavelength rejection as the only cogent factor for heat reduction. They may also try to support that error by demonstrating IR heat lamps that give the illusion that the IR wavelength rejection is the entire issue.

It’s the combination of IR rejection and visible light rejection that produces the most effective measures to combat heat.


This becomes a balancing act and the consumer can choose just how dark or light they want their film to be.

The NFRC has provided a valuable resource for consumers to acquire factual performance characteristics rather than sales hype or ignorance of the physics behind heat.

Advanced Film Solutions coatings are all NFRC rated and we encourage the comparisons because we appreciate that facts overcome illusion.

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Expert Window Film Comparisons For Florida Homes

Many homeowners are considering replacing their windows for insulated glass units. Glass companies will try to convince you that your existing windows are too energy deficient to handle the heat and UV. They make a case that only dual pane windows will lower your monthly electric cooling costs  throughout our tropical summers.

The price tag for a complete window replacement is cost-prohibitive and the payback period is extensive; frequently in the order of 20 years!

There is a better solution: Advanced Window Film Solutions.

Window film is applied to your existing windows at a cost that is 1/10 that of a window replacement.


The payback is typically less than 2 years and the warranty is lifetime.

Our NFRC rated coatings increase the efficiency of your windows by filtering out nearly 80% of the heat gain.

Glare is controlled and the damaging UV rays are eliminated.

Many of your neighbors have experienced the dramatic difference that window film can make in your home and Advanced Film Solutions has performed 10,000 installations in the last several years throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota-Bradenton.

Our philosophy is pretty simple:

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We offer the best performing thin films manufactured by the world leader in window film, Eastman Chemicals.

We customize the solution based on our clients requirements.

Many homeowners prefer no reflective coatings either based on personal aesthetic preferences or mandated deed restrictions. Advanced Film has you covered with our Huper Optik patented ceramic films.

Some clients prefer privacy that is provided by low reflective coatings like Vista or LLumar.

Many homeowners want the dual benefit of safety, security combined with solar control films.  These thicker versions keep intruders out of your home.

Advanced Film Solutions are experts in window film and our team has earned an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angie’s List for five consecutive years.

Do your research and then call Advanced Film Solutions, toll free  877-575-3456

Reduce Monthly Electric Bills: Florida Energy Savings Window Film

Monthly electric bills in Florida are steadily increasing.

We don’t have to tell you this because you are already suffering with bills that take a deep cut into your monthly budget.

Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota-Bradenton homeowners can combat these rising costs with an application of solar control window film.

Eastman Chemical’s Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik window film can lower your monthly electric bill by 30% or more.


The majority of your cost savings is the reduction in heat coming through your windows and doors.

You determine the look of your window film.  We install coatings that cover a wide range of light transmissions and appearance.

Non reflective deed approved Huper Optik films are less reflective than glass. These films block visible light, UV and IR heat gain. Patented and durable these films are dye free and easily out-perform our 3M competition’s Prestige series sold through agents and Home Depot.

Eastman LLumar and Vista provide a measure of privacy while keeping heat out. These films are also available in thicker security films that handle the heat while protecting your home from burglary.

You will experience years of performance and comfort and all our installations have a lifetime warranty.

Advanced Film Solutions has earned the Super service Award from Angie’s List for five consecutive years and we are A Plus rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Call toll free: 877-575-3456 for a free estimate.

Heat Is On. Clever Home Owners Get Cool Window Film Solutions

You can feel the heat.


Spring is nearly here and the tropical weather has already made an early visit.

You might be thinking that your AC is getting sluggish and that may be the case. It’s really more likely that the heat gain streaming through your windows unabated is the root cause of your problems.

That’s where window film manufactured by Eastman Chemicals does the heavy lifting.


We have thin film coatings that are expertly applied to the interior side of your windows and sliders.  These films transform the performance of your single pane glass by a quantum amount.

Heat rejection can be anticipated by as much as 70-80%.

We have Low E coatings that act like a heat mirror in the winter and summer providing all season energy savings. Insulating your windows will drive energy costs lower by 30% a month and improve performance of single pane glass to dual pane efficiency.

Give your AC a helping hand by calling the experts at Advanced Film Solutions


Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Spring Forward To Energy Savings With Window Film

While you may be suffering from turning your clocks forward by one hour Saturday evening it’s a sure sign that hotter days are looming just ahead.


Bright light and heat fades your furnishings. Your AC bill is higher than ever and it seems to grow every year.

Window film is an often overlooked remedy but clever homeowners are saving up to 30% a month on summer electric bills thanks to today’s solar control window films.

Imagine a thin transparent film that can filter out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the total solar energy from entering your home?

That’s what an application of lifetime warranted optically clear window film can provide.

Advanced Film Solutions, office in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota has helped nearly 10,000 clients get energy smart and incredible comfort with window film.

Our clients select the perfect customized solution based on their requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Installations are performed by our trained technicians who have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for five consecutive years.

Free estimates by calling 877-575-3456

Stop the heat today!

How Window Tinting Enhances Clear Glass Performance

Clear glass windows and doors are typically what builders employ when they build homes and offices.


Florida home owners in the tropical climate of Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Orlando understand just how many problems they face when they move into their new home.

  1. Rooms are too bright.
  2. Glare makes it impossible to watch TV or work on their computers.
  3. Furnishings and wood floors fade under the relentless heat, light and UV
  4. Privacy is non-existent.
  5. Glass is easy for burglars to break in.

Today’s high technology window film solves these issues and more.

Thin films filter 99.9% of the UV and are available in scores of light transmissions. The homeowner can easily select the perfect light transmission which determines just how light, or dark a room can be.


Typically darker films will block more heat but there are next generation coatings that factor out more IR heat along with visible light. This allows a lighter coating to block more total solar energy than a standard metalized film.

Advanced Film Solutions team of experts works with our clients to determine the perfect customized solution.

Leading manufacturer’s include Eastman Chemicals, Saint Gobain and Madico.

Thicker versions provide dual benefits of solar insulation as well as security and glass impact strength.

Advanced Film Solutions


Eastman Chemicals Selected As One Of The World’s Most Ethical Companies, 2016

Eastman Chemicals was selected as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere organization. Details

Advanced Film Solutions is proud to represent Eastman’s world leading portfolio of window films that include:

LLumar Residential and Automotive Films

Huper Optik

Vista (LLumar SelectPRO)

FormulaOne High Performance Automotive Film

Advanced Film Solutions prefers to install these high quality coatings because of their optical clarity and durability.

Home and business owners enjoy comfort and security with our solar security films and Eastman has more choices than any other window film manufacturer.


Low E window film for all season energy savings is available with Eastman’s EnerLogic window film.

Throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota the film to choose is Eastman and the installation company that has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for five straight years is Advanced Film Solutions.

Toll Free: 877-575-3456


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