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Low E Florida Window Film. Keep Lowering Energy Costs All Year Long


As temperatures get down to a brisk 40 degrees many of our residential clients have turned up the heat!

While cold weather isn’t typically a huge concern for Tampa Bay, Orlando or our Sarasota neighbors; when it does get colder our inefficient heat pumps can increase your winter energy costs.


Advanced Film Solutions recommends our Low E EnerLogic window film.

This unique after-market solution entails having a low e window film professionally applied to the interior face of your windows and sliders.

The result is an energy control window film that stops 76% of the heat from entering your home during the summer months and insulating your home during the window with the best combination of winter-summer energy savings in the industry.

EnerLogic is manufactured by global leader Eastman Chemicals and is available in a 35% light filtering selection as well as nearly invisible 70% choice.

Now you can filter out nearly 100% of the UV while lowering your monthly cooling and heating costs.

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How Low E Window Film Works Throughout The Year

Home and business owners facing high cooling and heating costs thanks to inefficient windows (clear, single pane) have discovered the benefits of low e window films.

These thin film coatings are applied to the interior surface of the windows and glass sliders and doors. The film once installed acts as a heat mirror reflecting the interior temperature of the room back into the living space.

Standard window films generally reflect or filter out heat. This is extremely effective for tropical climates like Florida.

Nevertheless warm and colder climates benefit from Low E films when the winter cold arrives.

EnerLogic Low E Film by Eastman Chemical is the most efficient window film in the industry. These proven coatings have maintained comfort and reduced all season insulating costs for the last six years throughout the USA.

Many high-profile institutions have had these coatings installed to meet rebate requirements and achieve the fastest payback of any retrofit home improvement projection.


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