IR Heat Blocking Window Film, Facts & Fiction

Today’s consumers can enjoy the benefits of IR heat blocking window film thanks to advances in thin film technology and in particular nanotechnology.

The technical aspects aside there are confusing statements frequently made that tend to misrepresent the efficacy of these films.

Advanced Film Solutions promotes Eastman ceramic films, notably the patented Huper Optik films.  These films are available in numerous light transmissions from dark to invisible.

3M offers their Prestige series which is limited to lighter 40% – 70%

The confusion generally results from the distinction between IR wavelengths and visible light wavelengths of Sun’s electromagnetic energy.

50% of heat is produced by the visible light spectrum and roughly the same amount of heat is produced by the invisible IR wavelengths.


A window film that can block 100% of the IR wavelengths (there is no such animal by the way!) would still allow 50% of the visible light heat unless some mechanism was used to lower the visible light transmission.

This is a very important clarification because many misinformed window film people highlight the IR wavelength rejection as the only cogent factor for heat reduction. They may also try to support that error by demonstrating IR heat lamps that give the illusion that the IR wavelength rejection is the entire issue.

It’s the combination of IR rejection and visible light rejection that produces the most effective measures to combat heat.


This becomes a balancing act and the consumer can choose just how dark or light they want their film to be.

The NFRC has provided a valuable resource for consumers to acquire factual performance characteristics rather than sales hype or ignorance of the physics behind heat.

Advanced Film Solutions coatings are all NFRC rated and we encourage the comparisons because we appreciate that facts overcome illusion.

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Eastman Chemicals Selected As One Of The World’s Most Ethical Companies, 2016

Eastman Chemicals was selected as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere organization. Details

Advanced Film Solutions is proud to represent Eastman’s world leading portfolio of window films that include:

LLumar Residential and Automotive Films

Huper Optik

Vista (LLumar SelectPRO)

FormulaOne High Performance Automotive Film

Advanced Film Solutions prefers to install these high quality coatings because of their optical clarity and durability.

Home and business owners enjoy comfort and security with our solar security films and Eastman has more choices than any other window film manufacturer.

Low E window film for all season energy savings is available with Eastman’s EnerLogic window film.

Throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota the film to choose is Eastman and the installation company that has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for five straight years is Advanced Film Solutions.

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