Month: November 2016

Low E Florida Window Film. Keep Lowering Energy Costs All Year Long


As temperatures get down to a brisk 40 degrees many of our residential clients have turned up the heat!

While cold weather isn’t typically a huge concern for Tampa Bay, Orlando or our Sarasota neighbors; when it does get colder our inefficient heat pumps can increase your winter energy costs.


Advanced Film Solutions recommends our Low E EnerLogic window film.

This unique after-market solution entails having a low e window film professionally applied to the interior face of your windows and sliders.

The result is an energy control window film that stops 76% of the heat from entering your home during the summer months and insulating your home during the window with the best combination of winter-summer energy savings in the industry.

EnerLogic is manufactured by global leader Eastman Chemicals and is available in a 35% light filtering selection as well as nearly invisible 70% choice.

Now you can filter out nearly 100% of the UV while lowering your monthly cooling and heating costs.

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Deed Approved Tampa, Orlando Sarasota Window Film

Many of our delighted clients reside in deed restricted, gated communities throughout the region.

There are many positives for living in these communities since standards maintain the aesthetic beauty of the neighborhood.

Solar and solar security window films of the past were typically reflective. These films provided superior heat control and UV filtering but unfortunately altered the exterior “look” of your windows.

Advanced Film Solutions has the ideal solution: Sun control UV window film manufactured by Eastman Chemicals.

Huper Optik ceramic films stop heat and glare without changing the look of your windows.

Available in a wide array of light transmissions these films are the best heat to light ration in the window film industry.


We also provide the Vista Ceramic series.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of window film without violating your deed restrictions.

Condo owners can also benefit from these solar films since HOA’s will approve these optically transparent films designed to filter both visible light heat as well as IR heat.

The combination of these heat blocking capabilities allows for the best total solar energy heat rejection for a non-metallic film.

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Florida Glare Control How Window Film Drives Comfort.

The holidays are approaching and while the temperatures in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota are down slightly; the never ending battle with glare has just begun!

Home and business owners face a constant fight with glare!


Your kitchen and dining room windows make that Thanksgiving Day feast an uncomfortable experience for your family and guests. Some windows are impossible to cover with shutters or blinds and doing so blocks the view.

Advanced Film Solutions solves the glare problems by applying a transparent coating to the inside of your windows.  This optically transparent film stops UV at the window and will filter glare up to 90%; depending on the film YOU select.


In the home pictured above we are stopping 86% of the glare along with 80% of the heat and 99.9% of the UV.

The “look” of your windows is customized for your specific requirements.

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